The book, the miracle!

Meet annette mace. She is a working wife and mother who one day is enjoying an active life style and the next, is struck down with a crippling illness. Suddenly, everything in her life dramatically changes.

Journey with her as she struggles to adjust, living with a long term illness. Fight alongside her as she searches for a cure for the debilitating disease of chronic fatigue syndrome. Shed tears of sadness as she suffers with depression while remaining faithful in her relationship with her lord and saviour. Shout with joy in celebration as the king of kings orchestrates the most spectacular display of his healing power and brings restoration to annette and her family.

Oh yes, it’s official alright! It is indeed a miracle! This story guarantees your spirit will be stirred, your belief system will be challenged, and your faith will be built up to believe that jesus really is alive and he most definitely heals today!

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